No to child labour!

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Innocent children weeping, with no one to help wipe their tears, the people who would have helped comfort them are the ones denying them happiness.

Many are the times when children lose both parents and have to rely on relatives to provide them with the basic needs and feel loved once more despite losing their bread winners.

Unfortunately, their hopes  get dashed away either immediately or later, as the relatives end up mistreating them by making them perform duties that their ages do not allow, hence, miss an opportunity to get education.

Most of the relatives or even other adults take these children for granted and employ them as house helps, they perform all the house chores yet their employers rarely bother with the after effects of exposing these children to harsh labor, to add salt to injury, they are never paid their monthly salary, if they dare ask, their employers either hurl abuses at them or chase them away without paying them a single cent.

The children end up being frustrated in life, as they never get a chance to rest, not even play with their age mates, as their morning of performing duties start at 5.00 am and end up at 10.00 p.m. many are the uncountable times their days end on empty stomach, therefore, deteriorating their health.

It is a high time the law that protects children is adhered to, all child offenders should be given a heavy penalty, and this will help and protect children from the harm they face in their daily lives.

Say No! to Child Labor!!!


Children too have rights

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Many a times we come across orphans, we tend to treat them the way we feel like, not considering we can never imagine our own children being treated that way.

Most of the time,nit is adults who are always involved in violating a child’s rights. They tend to take in these children as househelps, but never get to pay them. They pretend to take them in, but end up mistreating them by hurling insults at them every now and then, especially when it reaches end month and they need to pay the househelp’s salary.

Besides that, these children never get chance to enjoy their freedom as a result of being engaged into work from dawn till dusk, they never get to enjoy the essence of childhood, importance of education, what it means to love and be loved.

It is a high time, the Ministry of labour acted on this, we are tired!


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My name is Justus kanyingi. I was born in 1993 in the district of Kitui. I’m the first born in a family of 4.

I joined nursery school at kitui primary school in 1998, where I studied up to standard five and then I was sent sent away for school fees. My parents were very poor andwere not able to pay school fees.

 After dropping out of school, one of my neighbour’s employed me to be working on his shamba and to look after his cattle. I worked for 5 years tirelessly but they never paid me even a single cent. I decided to call it quits.

Later, I went to Nairobi to stay with one of my uncles. A few days later, I started business of selling roasted maize. The business never got to pick up, and I had to stop it all together, as I was not making profits out of it.

My uncle got to notice how frustrated I was. One evening, he promised to take me back to school no matter come what may. We went with him to a place called Mathare.

It is there that we got a chance to visit Undugu Basic Education Programme, (UBEP) where they gave me a chance to join the school. Here, things were pretty nice as they were offering learning maerials plus lunch.

 I felt happy and now I am in phase 4  studying for free, thereafter, I pursue my future dream.

God bless Undugu!

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